Francesca Belgiojoso

Testo critico

Francesca Belgiojoso colleziona fotografie d'epoca di persone dimenticate, intrecciandole con frammenti di immagini prese da riviste contemporanee, creando così per le prime una nuova identità nel presente. Il lavoro di psicoterapeuta emerge così nella pratica artistica della Belgiojoso attraverso questa commistione tra passato e presente. In questo caso un frammento di memoria, quindi, viene attualizzato e portato a nuova vita.


"I collect antique photographs of forgotten people, I intertwine them with fragments of pictures taken from contemporary magazines. The original context of the image is itinerant: I sever the faces and bodies of my subjects from the past and create a new identity for them in the present. My background as a psychotherapist emerges in my artistic practice: through my collages I retrieve the memories of society, connecting the archetypes of ancient figures with our contemporary mind.
I am visually intrigued by the past, I look for forgotten images and I take them back to the present.
My collages tell stories of inner worlds, thoughts and fantasies. They are my projections and interpretations of the other person, a metaphor for the work of the psychologist, where the unconscious minds meet to find a new form of expression.
Framed on a white background, my compositions appear to fly alone, the shadows they cast isolating them from the rest of the world."