Help us


If you want to support Evvivanoè in our never-ending effort of promoting contemporary art in all forms and give us strength for our future projects and activities apply for a card right now!

With a small donation you can help us in the gigantic task of keeping a contemporary art space alive in the splendid Cit Turin district.



We’d really like to do as much as we can for artists and contemporary art, and we’d really like to be in tune with our district, a real architecture jewel, full of marvelous views and interesting places to see.

But to do that we’d like to keep up with our many projects.
That’s why we need help: every bit of help will help us realizing a little bit.

If you want to help us you can make a small donation. There’s no rule, no fixed amount. There’s no need for big numbers to make a difference.

You can donate by bank transfer on this account number:
IBAN IT54 E060 8501 0060 0000 0021 144
the account name is “Evvivanoè associazione culturale”.