Pubblicato il 25 January 2017

EVVIVANOÈ in milan at AAF on february

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EVVIVANOE' all'Affordable Art Fair di Milano

Oh yes! For the third time we’re participating, with mucho gusto and positive energy at AAF in Milan!

Where? In Milan, Superstudio Più, 20144

When? From 9th to 12th february 2017

With whom? With more than 85 national and international galleries!

How many artists are we taking with us? Alberto BRUSA, BEDDRU, Francesca BELGIOJOSO, Fabio GUIDA, Krunislav STOJANOVSKI, Paolo VERGNANO.

How can you meet us in the fair?

It’s really simple. Simply go here for the opening event and here to greet us in the fair from 9th to 12th of february!